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Wholesale Distribution Mobile Ordering and B2B eCommerce Explained

Sales reps in a Wholesale Distributor develop their value to the organization through developing close personal relationships with buyers that continuously bring in consistent and growing revenues amongst their designated customer base and/or region. As a result, Wholesale Distributors come to rely on field sales teams to find and enlist new customers, provide service and […]

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4 Ways to Increase Sales and Reduce Costs Using a Field Sales Mobile Ordering App

Wholesale Distributors today continue to conduct a majority of their sales the old-fashioned way: through 1-on-1 service directly with Retail buyers. This process is often grueling, involving heavy time spent on the road going from one customer to another, managing the workload and schedule of visiting customers, taking orders and sending them back to head […]

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3 Reasons Why a Complete Field Sales Mobile Ordering App and B2B eCommerce Web Store Can Help Your Business

With the on-set of the Corona virus epidemic, more and more buyers are using online methods to shop. As a result, retailers are doubling down on their eCommerce channels, leading to exponential growth in online ordering. This surge in demand has caused supply chains to be disrupted, causing the role of Wholesale Distributors, Brokers and […]